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Contribute To Keep The earth Earth eco-friendly

Set up a solar panel to trickle charge a battery connected to some fans for extra air circulation. A minimal one time investment such as this might even negate the need for an air conditioner, depending on your climate and geographic region.

Invest in solar panels to fuel parts of your home's energy. These panels not only save carbon footprint, but they translate into lower energy bills because they reduce the amount of energy you use overall. These panels collect and store power naturally, so you can power, light or heat your home in an environmentally friendly way.

However, before jumping in with both feet, you need to determine if using homemade wind power is the right solution to your energy needs. In order to determine is the wind generator is going to be cost effective, you need to know average wind speed for your area. A general rule is the average wind speed needs to be 10mph or greater for the wind generator to be cost effective. If not, I recommend you look into solar energy.

Faucets that conserve water. Leaky faucets waste millions of litres of water per year, and cost you money as well. To prevent leaks in your bathroom taps, replace your old fixtures with self-closing taps that shut off the water as soon as you stop pressing a button. This ensures your water isn't left on while you brush your teeth or shave, and it keeps your faucet from leaking.

5--It's a no-brainer to turn off all lights, and only leave on those that will be in use. Closet lights, bathroom lights, hall lights, and laundry room lights should be off except for when you are in those rooms.

Try using led energy saving bulbs or even LED lights in your home to cut costs for lighting. Turning off the lights when you are not in the room also helps to save energy. Keep this in mind when you are leaving home, as simply turning off the lights saves a lot of energy!

In the show, which opens Friday, Oct. 17 at CounterPULSE and continues through Nov. 2, Szlasa has created a character named Joey McGee who, like many of us, wants to make a difference but doesn't know quite what to do. We can go buy an energy-efficient light bulb at Home Depot, but it was shipped from China. The contradictory bits of information fighting for our attention can be overwhelming.

The easiest way to make cheap electric bills is to simply reduce your consumption. Reducing the amount of kilowatts per hour you use every day can significantly reduce electriic bill by several dollars each month.

If you want to make better use of energy in your home but aren't sure where to start, schedule a home energy audit from a professional auditor. These auditors can thoroughly investigate your home, and suggest ways to reduce your energy consumption, with green technology and other improvements.

Read through the manual before your begin vacuum sealing food. If you do not properly store the food, you run the risk of having food that goes bad quicker than it should. This will make your time and money spent useless.

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